Join the Committee

Join the DFA Committee: What is the Commitment?

Creating a Dog Friendly Area in the Chicago Park District is a grassroots operation; in effect, we will become park developers. This is a long-term responsibility which will require community support and dedicated, ongoing commitment by all members of the DFA committee.

This level of commitment is flexible, based upon your interest and availability—we want to find as many ways as possible for interested community members to get involved, both small and large, while ensuring that we have the volunteer support that we need for all of the hard work ahead.

Opportunities for involvement include:

  1. Quarterly meetings of the full DFA Committee membership (attendance preferred)

  2. Optional participation in a topic-focused subcommittee: Fundraising, Community Engagement,
    or DFA Development

  3. Participating and sharing in online and in-person calls to action for outreach, fundraising, etc. (shared through our email list).

  4. Volunteer opportunities for special events, cleanup days, etc.

  5. ....and more! (Have ideas we haven't thought of? Let us know!)

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