Community Engagement

Let Us Hear From You

We seek to meaningfully include and consider the needs of the broadest range of both dog-owning and non-dog-owning community members in our decision-making. This includes meaningfully engaging community members beyond just that which is required to have a Dog Friendly Area approved. If you already support us, thank you! We invite you to sign our petition, which the Park District will need to see to approve our project.

We would love to be able to co-design our Dog Friendly Area with our community, and make your support contingent on whether you see yourself represented in the plans. Unfortunately, the Park District's steps doesn't allow for this, so instead, we will do our best to collect your feedback, and make sure that our commitments to you are reflected in the Principles we will use to make decisions. Our community meetings also won't be the last time you hear from us. We will follow up to let you know how your feedback has been used, and offer new opportunities to influence the process.

Schedule a Meeting

Is there a group with whom you think we should meet? Contact us!

Upcoming Community Meetings

4/12 6pm | Winona-Foster-Carmen- Winnemac Block Club (virtual)
Meeting ID: 321 838 0889

4/21 7pm | Heart of Lincoln Square (virtual)
Passcode: 666518

5/11 7pm | Winnemac Park Advisory Council Community Meeting
at Amundsen High School

Community Survey

We've created this form in order to reach more people, and have a way for all those who are not able to attend a community meeting to let us know what they care about most. We look forward to hearing from you!