An invitation: We need your help!

The Chicago Park District and City of Chicago do not provide any direct funding for Dog Friendly Areas. The bad news is: To build our DFA, we will have to raise most of the money ourselves. But the good news is: The future DFA is ours to design. Your contributions keep us accountable, and will demonstrate that our community is onboard and committed for the long haul.

We anticipate the final cost of our DFA being somewhere between $300-$400,000. With the $100,000 in infrastructure "menu dollars" that residents committed through Alderman Vasquez's Ward 40 Participatory Budget process, we have a great head start! Every dollar counts—if every dog owner estimated to live in the 40th ward gave $20, we could easily achieve our goal.

Make a Pledge

While we are waiting to finalize our fiscal sponsorship arrangement and complete setting up our bank account, we invite you to make a pledge for a one-time or recurring, tax-deductible donation using the form below, and we will follow up within 1-2 months.

We are grateful for your support, and look forward to keeping in touch with updates regarding our process, and opportunities for input.