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1) Increase College and Career Readiness

2) Close the Achievement Gap

3) Improve School Culture

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FBUSD Board of Trustees

Next Regular Board Meeting

January 17, 2018

Room 306, Fort Bragg High School, 300 Dana Street, Fort Bragg

If you require translation service, please contact the Board Secretary at (707) 961-3504 or email 72 hours in advance.

Room 306 is located at the North-West Corner of the High School.

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1. Click on "Communications";

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3. Click on "Notifications";

4. Make the changes to the notification settings on the right of the screen.

If you run into any problems, your site secretaries are able to help or you can contact the District Office for further support.

The schools in the District include three elementary (one K – 2, one 3 -5, and one necessary small school K - 3), one intermediate (6 -8), one high school and three alternative schools (one high school, one community day school 6 -8, and one community day school 9-12) . Enrollment is approximately 1900 students. District programs are characterized by a balance between direct instruction, cooperative learning, small-group instruction and peer tutoring. The District is a leader in curriculum development and is known for its staff support and high standards. Two schools, Fort Bragg High and Fort Bragg Middle have been recognized as California Distinguished Schools. Redwood Elementary has been recognized as a highly performing school on the Academic Performance Index (API). The District operates a comprehensive program, which includes academics, a wide range of athletic activities, and an emphasis on the arts.