Family Resources

The Emergency Broadband Benefit will provide a discount of up to $50 per month toward broadband service for eligible families and households who are struggling to stay connected during the COVID19 pandemic. Qualifying households on Tribal lands can receive a discount of up to $75 per month for service. Eligible households can also receive a discount of up to $100 for the purchase of a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers.


For more info, please visit:

Community Agencies & Supports



ACCESS Line - 1-800-555-5906 (to inquire about services).

Adventist Health - Family Health, Sequoia Circle (707) 964-0259

Adventist Health - Family Health, River Drive Suites A-C (707) 961-4631

Adventist Health Emergency Room (707) 964-0259 or 911

Behavioral Health & Recovery Services (Crisis Counseling & drug testing) (707) 961-2665

California Parent and Youth Hotline: 1-855-427-2736

Child Protective Services (707) 962-1100

CRISIS Line - 1-855-838-0404 (24/7)

Family and Children's Services (Crisis Resource) (707) 962-1100

Fort Bragg Food Bank (707) 964-9404

Fort Bragg Police Department (707) 961-2800

Legal Services of Northern California - (877) 529-7700 or (707) 462-1471

Mendocino Coast Clinics (Free COVID testing WITH an appointment) (707) 964-1251

Mendocino Coast Clinics (Behavioral Health) - 707-961-3492

Mendocino Coast COVID-19 Call Center (707) 472-2759

Mendocino County Sheriff (707) 961-2421

Mendocino County Social Services (707) 962-1000

Mendocino Superior Court Ten Mile Branch (707) 964-3192

Mental Health Services Mendocino (707) 961-2665

Migrant Education Services (707) 961-3735 or (707) 734-0820

North Coast Family Health

(Covered California & Private Insurance) (707) 961-4631

Project Sanctuary for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault: (707) 961-1507

Parental Stress Line: 1-800-632-8188

Ten Mile Court (707) 964-3192

Triple P Positive Parenting - 707-462-1233

Warm Line Non Crisis Support: (707) 472-2311


For the health and welfare of our students, staff members, families, and community caregivers.

Bullying prevention training materials, publications and resources, including community-based organizations, for educators, parents, and community members for recognizing bullying behavior and approaches for determining how to respond.

FBUSD Tobacco Use Prevention Series

Serie de prevención del consumo de tabaco de FBUSD

Tobacco Use Prevention Resources

These are some websites that can help educate you about tobacco and why it is so dangerous to try it—even just one time. These websites are for kids and teens, and are both educational and fun.

  • Smokefree Teen: With tools to help you make decisions, and the information to make them intelligently, this site is a great resource for teens who currently smoke, who are pressured to smoke, or can't make up their mind about quitting. Note that this site does not discuss nicotine replacement therapy (NRT); if you're interested in finding out more about NRT, talk to your doctor.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Youth Tobacco Prevention: Learn about the dangers of tobacco and why it's important to never start smoking.

  • US Food and Drug Administration: The Real Cost: This media campaign from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration details what smoking can cost, and offers information on different ways teens can quit smoking.

  • No Smoking Room: The No Smoking Room is a safe place to help girls live smoke free.

  • Project Prevent: SOS Project Prevent is a youth tobacco prevention program through the Arkansas Department of Health's Stamp Out Smoking campaign.

  • Smoking Stinks: Smoking Stinks highlights the gross things smoking can do to your body. This website also gives helpful hints to help teens stay smoke free, and offers downloads, e-cards, and games to help illustrate its message. There are two sites—one for teens and one for kids.

  • Truth®: The Truth® Campaign is the largest national youth-focused anti-tobacco education campaign ever. It exposes Big Tobacco's marketing and manufacturing practices, as well as highlighting the toll of tobacco.

  • Truth Initiative: Youth Activism: This information from Truth Initiative enables youth to make a difference in their communities and schools by offering solutions, ideas, and case studies of successful community partnerships to fight tobacco use.

E-Cigarettes: Talk to Youth About the Risks