Our Vision:

We live to grow Christ's kingdom by passionately sharing His truth in love.

That simple sentence is anything but simple.

We believe this sentence is a God given direction for our church. It defines who we are and how we operate.

In 2009, a group of committed believers from FBC Bicknell gathered together and prayed for God to reveal what His plan was for our church. As they sat around a table at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake Wisconsin, God spoke in a powerful way. Those believers were reminded of all people in the Bicknell and North Knox communities who were far from God. As they did some math, they discovered that there were over 4,734 people who did not know Jesus and were lost. It became clear that FBC Bicknell needed to do something about those people. The church embarked on a new direction to change the ministry and focus of the church to connect with those who needed to hear the voice of God and be changed by the gospel.

The church built a tower of Crayons in our sanctuary filled with 4,734 crayons. These crayons are broken and used. The represent how people look when they are far from God. The world breaks. Each time a new person comes to a saving relationship with Christ, they are given one of the crayons out of the tube. On the day of their baptism, they are presented with a new crayon that represents the new life they have in Christ.

Each week we can see the tube of crayons. Each week we are reminded of the people who need Jesus. Each week we are convicted to reach out to those people with truth in Love.

Here at FBC Bicknell we strive to have a healthy balance of TRUTH and LOVE. We don't neglect one for the other, but we know that they go hand in hand.

See below how our vision and core values align to serve to guide the ministry of our church.

Watch this video about our vision from our pastor, Seth Alexander.

church vision video.mp4
core value allignemt doc.pdf