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Here you will find a launching pad for answers to your tech questions regarding FCSD supported applications. This is a dynamic document that will change as the technology changes. Bookmark it and refer to it first when you have tech questions.

Access help documents by clicking the links below or through the menu.

FCSD Digital Tools

Digital Citizenship

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What are my student's login credentials for Office 356 and for Google Classroom?

Username is their Fairfield email address (see below)

Password is Capital First initial+@+DOB as YYMMDD

(example: Sarah Bellum born December 8, 2009 would be S@091208)

What is my student's Fairfield email address?

Student ID+@+ students + GRAD YEAR+.fairfieldcityschools.com

(Example: 123456@students2021.fairfieldcityschools.com)

They will access email by logging into Office 365 (see above) and accessing the Outlook app.

I have a district device. What is my student's log-in for the device?

Username is Six-digit student ID (ID # only - NOT full email address)

Password is the same as for Office 365 and Google (Capital First initial@ DOB as YYMMDD)