IT Projects

my roles in past or current projects

Major projects since 1998 including the ongoing ones.

Project Experience

08/2021 – (today)

Technical Lead to provide a 24 by 7 service of "Berechtigungs- monitoring"

on behalf of Finanz Informatik Technologie Service, Haar, Germany for a German national Bank

11/2018 – 06/2019

Project Manager including responsibility for result of "ISMS definition and preparation of ISO 27001 certification"

at BNP Paribas Real Estate Holding and BNP Paribas Real Estate Investement Management Germany, Düsseldorf/Munich, Germany

08/2018 – 12/2019

Specialist for "Privileged Access Management"

at Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, Frankfurt, Germany

2014 – 03/2019

Lead architect for "Privileged Access Management for Vendors"

at (Infrastructure Operations of a premier global Bank), Eschborn, Germany

2013 – 2014

Technical Lead for „Session Monitoring Implementation“

at (GT Retail Production of a premier global Bank), Eschborn, Germany

[was supplemented by Privileged Access Management]

2012 – 2015

"Mainframe Security Lead" in a transition / merger project

at (GT Retail Production of a premier global Bank), Eschborn, Germany


IT Architect and project manager „Application Security Monitoring Bus"

at (GT Retail Production of a premier global Bank), Eschborn, Germany

2011 – 2013

Technical lead for mainframe security improvement

at Sal. Oppenheim, Cologne/Ruesselsheim, Germany

2009 – 2011

IT-Security Consulting

at Veolia Umweltservice, Hamburg, Germany

2008 – 2010

Project Manager for industrialization of security monitoring

at DB-Systel, Frankfurt/Erfurt, Germany


DB2 security analysis and definition of policy standard

at Helaba, Offenbach, Germany

2006 – 2008

mainframe project lead „technical audits“ for ISO27001 certification program

at DB-Systel, Frankfurt, Germany


Development of the security framework conception

at IVV, Hannover, Germany

2004 – 2005

Management Consultant reporting to the CEO for IT Security and IT Forensics

at Mobilcom, Buedelsdorf, Germany

2002 – 2004

IT security consultant and IT forensics partner

at EAM, Kassel, Germany


Technical Lead of Network Security Study

at Telephone Organization of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand ˇ


Project manager for “IT architecture definition”

at SEGA Intersettle, Zürich, Switzerland


IT-Security Specialist for IT Security State Monitoring

at (IT-Security-Management of premier global Bank), Eschborn, Germany

1998 – 2001

Project manager for a core application (mainframe batch)

at Deutsche Telekom/ DeTeCSM, Bonn/Kiel/Munich, Germany