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F-IT Security and Audit GmbH

I founded F-IT in 2003 and have been continuously working for it.

Until 2015 I was the director, when we rearranged responsibilities and Jeannine Berndt-Franke, who has been working for the company since 2010, took over the accountability as the CEO.

This has been enabling me, to refocus to my core competencies in the R&D and operations sectors and is giving F-IT more momentum again.



Our company is specialized in solutions and supporting for topics related to information security or information technology audit.

Audit4u our home grown solution for IT security state monitoring which can be used as a standard solution.

Our portfolio primarily addressing enterprise clients, but especially regarding Privileged Access Management and IT Security State Monitoring, we adapted to requirements of ambitious medium sized IT shops.

Business Objective

Success Factors

We are aiming for efficient execution of all necessary steps in order to fulfill our clients' requirements in an efficient and responsable way, thus to grow a stable community of highly satisfied clients.

In addition to basic obligations to secure and improve our excellent solutions, we strive for the highest possible customer satisfaction.