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Our Vision: To inspire and support school communities as they embrace the opportunities and challenges of the next generation

Professional Development happens through learning experiences and collaboration. ESU #17 provides opportunities for educators to come together in settings that promote awareness, engagement, growth and improvement. The frequencies vary from monthly to annually, depending on the needs of the specific group. 

Professional Learning Academies (PLAs)

PLAs are content- and/or job-alike educator groups that typically meet once a semester to learn from the NDE specialist in their area, and to develop knowledge and skills to improve their awareness and effectiveness as educators in such areas as curriculum development, instructional strataegies, MTSS and mental health.

School District In-services

Special-request learning opportunities are provided at the school and district levels.  This support is important to meeting district goals.

Facilitated Conversations

Internal and external agenda-driven meetings and work sessions are critical to sharing information, establishing and improving protocols and implementing evidence-based practices.
The ESU hosts monthly superintendent meetings, principal network meetings, and "superincipal" meetings twice a year.
ESU teams meet monthly, including the leadership team, professional development team, school psychologists and student services (early childhood, speech language pathologists, occupational therapy).
The specific opportunities highlighted above are expanded on the pages for PLAs, Events and Teams.