Mountain Bike Fit

Your position on a mountain bike is very dynamic - you move all over the bike, deal with steep terrain (both up and down), and are constantly changing direction on the trail to find the best line. The correct fit can help with all these things and more.

Mountain Bike Fit

As with our other fit offerings, Retul is essential to the fit process, and finding your best position is our goal.

To conduct a proper mtb fit, we understand that your position must allow for powerful sustained climbing, while also keeping in mind the many obstacles you'll face throughout your ride. Unlike any other type of riding, mountain biking requires you to be ready for anything and, without proper positioning, your riding will suffer.

ERO is not just about aero. On the dirt, we've fit both national and world champions to their mountain bikes, and while we may be known for our aero fits, never forget that ERO owner, Jim Manton, raced both BMX and Mountain Bikes long before he ever threw a leg over a Tri or TT bike.

Price: $250

Mountain Bike Fit: $250

  • Physical Assessment as indicated
  • Foot Structure Analysis as indicated
  • Cleat & Shoe Analysis
  • Initial 3D Motion Capture & Bike Fit Assessment
  • Dynamic Fit Adjustments
  • Post-Adjustment 3D Motion Capture
  • Post-Fit Digital Bike Scan
  • Comprehensive Post-Fit Reports
  • Two Follow-Up Visits within 45 days of the original appointment
*PLEASE NOTE: Mountain Bike Fits are priced lower than are other bike fit options because, quite frankly, they're easier to conduct. We're lucky enough to fit some of the best MTB racers in the world, and understand your fit is based on the type of riding you do, but the MTB position is very dynamic, yet fairly quick compared to other types of bike fits.