Aerodynamic Testing

We bring the most advanced aerodynamic testing in the world to any athlete who wants to be faster, who is looking for more speed with less effort, and who doesn't want to be giving up watts to their opponents! It's easy, affordable, fun, and an incredible learning experience.

Unparalleled Expertise


ERO is proud to be the aero testing home of some of the best athletes in the world, but we're even more excited to bring this type of service to age group athletes of all levels. No longer is this type of testing for the elite; it's for anyone who wishes to be faster and get every ounce of speed they can for all the training they complete. We're shedding several minutes off the times of the best...imagine what we could do for you.

Outdoor Aero Testing

Solidifying our reputation for being on the absolute cutting edge of technology, ERO is proud to be the exclusive North American user of the AeroLab aero sensor. Sought after by seemingly every pro cyclist and triathlete in the world, this groundbreaking instrument measures your CdA (Coefficient of Drag), including yaw, while you ride your bike outdoors. With this sensor, AeroLab has effectively brought the wind tunnel into the real world. In fact, this is the only sensor in the world that can make such a claim, and the only one which is wind tunnel calibrated and proven to be accurate in real-world conditions. Though not available for sale to the public, ERO offers this technology to all athletes both pro and age-group. Whether your looking for the fastest position, clothing, helmets, or bike setup, this service is the only way to accurately measure your drag while you ride outside. Anything else is just pretending.

We have test locations in L.A., Orange, and San Diego Counties. After booking your appointment, we'll call you to confirm which location suits you best. Please feel free to call before booking - 855-243-8376 ext. 101


  1. Two Hour Test - $599
  2. Additional hours - $200 each hour

ERO Dynamic Bike Fit & Aero Test

This service combines a bike fit with an outdoor aero test to find your fastest position. In partnership with TriRig, we use our easily adjustable Omni bikes to test multiple positions with the Aerolab sensor. The end result is great position you can be sure is fastest for you. To read more about ERO Dynamic, Click Here.

Velodrome Testing

For aero testing on the velodrome, ERO utilizes the Alphamantis Track Aero System, which allows us to measure your aerodynamic efficiency in real time as you ride the only Olympic-level velodrome in the U.S. This service is offered in partnership with Alphamantis and the VELO Sports Center exclusively in the United States and Canada.

Aero testing on the velodrome is typically scheduled on weekdays between 10am - 1pm (Wednesdays are best), but is subject to track availability. To book a Track Aero Test, call us at 855-243-8376.


  1. $699 for two hours of testing (includes velodrome rental)
  2. $599 ea. for 2-3 athletes (3 hours of testing total including velodrome rental)

Wind Tunnel

ERO also conducts aero testing at the world famous San Diego Wind Tunnel. We work with both athletes and manufacturers to provide truly independent testing and trusted results. Wind tunnel time is often booked in 4 hour segments, and can be quite expensive. ERO can offer smaller, and less expensive, time segments to help with these costs, and provides white papers consumers will trust. Please call us for more information. Wind tunnel time is very limited, so lead times for planning are important.

Pricing: Call (855) 243-8376