Triathlon-Specific Fit

There is simply no one who conducts more Triathlon-Specific Fits than ERO Sports. From Ironman World Champions, to those seeking their first Tri Bike, we are the fitter of choice for those who want comfort, power, and speed. Clients from all over the world come to ERO to find their best position.

What Makes a Great Tri Fit?


A Tri Bike fits very differently than a road bike, or a Time Trial bike, for that matter. It's not just about being aero, it's not even about being a faster cyclist. It's about being a faster, more efficient, triathlete.

We work hard to maximize your position for the utmost in aerodynamic efficiency, power, and comfort. You'll not only be provided a fit optimized for triathlon, but you'll be educated as to why you've been fit the way you have, and will walk away with a better understanding of how to make the most of your bike leg for a better overall performance and placement in your next triathlon.

Triathlon Fit is the most complex of all bike fits. It takes a good deal of knowledge and experience for a fitter to have the ability to solve the puzzle each clients brings into the fit studio. We readily admit there are many good fitters of Road Bikes, but we're not shy in our belief that there is no better Tri Fit in the world than an ERO Tri Fit.

Retul & F.I.S.T.

Our triathlon-specific bike fits are conducted using the F.I.S.T. (Fit Insititute Slowtwitch) method, combined with Retul 3D Motion Capture Technology. Basically a tri fit on steroids (perhaps not a great joke for endurance sports!). We were one of the first adopters of both F.I.S.T and Retul; both have become very popular, and we would agree with anyone who chooses to use them to conduct a comprehensive triathlon fit. We are Retul Master Certified fitters, which is the most difficult certification to achieve in the world of bike fit, and pioneered Retul's "Position for Speed" class - the most advanced class on aerodynamic positioning in the world. Like all other types of bike fit, the fitter plays an important role in the process: he/she must know how to communicate well with the athlete, properly utilize available technology for measurement, and educate the athlete about fit and equipment, including choosing a bike with the appropriate geometry for their riding style and chosen position.


Unprecedented Aero Knowledge


In 2012, ERO began changing the entire bike fit landscape with aero testing using the Alphamantis Track Aero System. For the first time, long held, or newly found, aero secrets were made available to all athletes. Knowledge of sleeved skin suits, aero helmets, new positions which were both more comfortable and aero...all these and many more became commonplace because of ERO.

With all the aero testing we conduct on both pro athletes and age-groupers, we've gained unequaled knowledge about what is, and isn't, aerodynamic. It's true that much of what works aerodynamically is quite individual and needs to be tested, but there's still quite a bit we know to be universal when it comes to helping our clients get faster. We can't help but bring this insight into the fit studio, and our clients are the benefactors as they receive tri-specific fittings which go beyond what anyone else can offer. Combined with all this knowledge is the understanding that you must be able to do things if your tri fit is to be successful - you must be able to run off the bike, and you need to digest nutrition on the bike. Combined, you achieve a powerful, aerodynamic, and comfortable position.

Tri-optimized fitting means placing the athlete in an efficient & aerodynamic position that is not only good for the bike leg, but for the entire event. It's about making our client a better triathlete, not just a better cyclist.

Price: $295

The Triathlon Bike Fit includes the following:

  1. Physical Assessment when indicated including foot structure
  2. Cleat & Shoe Analysis
  3. Optimal Position & Fit Coordinates determined using Dynamic Fit Bike
  4. Detailed explanation of optimal position
  5. Digital Bike Scan
  6. Complete list of bikes appropriate for purchase including details of set up
  7. Post-Purchase fit and bike scan
  8. Position Video
  9. Two Free Follow-ups within 45 days of bike purchase