Creating Numeracy Rich Environments in Schools

Creating a numeracy rich environment involves a variety of strategies. One important strategy is making numeracy visible throughout the school. This resource is designed to provide ways to bring numeracy alive. The goal for all teachers is to make explicit connections to numeracy throughout the day, across subject areas, inside and outside of the classroom. Making a shift could be as simple as adding some explanations or numeracy connections to enhance our eye-catching visuals, but there is so much more we can do.

Many thanks to the following jurisdictions that shared resources and collaborated to build this site so that all may benefit. Our goal for working together was so that all educators across the province are better able to create numeracy rich environments in their schools.

  • Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
  • Edmonton Catholic School District
  • Edmonton Public Schools
  • Elk Island Catholic Schools
  • Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division No. 14
  • Grande Yellowhead Public School Division
  • Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools
  • Northern Gateway Regional Division No. 10
  • Parkland School Division No. 70
  • Pembina Hills Public Schools
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 38