ERA Counseling

It is the mission of the Eagle Ridge Academy Counseling Department to serve each unique individual student through a comprehensive counseling program designed to promote academic excellence, develop personal/social growth and connect students with career and college options.

Counselor Contact Information:

1. Email: Mrs. Scarsi at:  or Mrs. Irving at:

2. Phone: Scarsi: 303-655-0773 x212     Irving: 303-655-0773 x211

We are available Tuesday through Friday, normal school hours; if you need to talk please reach out and we will contact you. 

Mrs. Scarsi

Counselor (alpha M-Z)

Head of Counseling Department

303-655-0773 X 212

Mrs. Amy Irving

Counselor (alpha A-L)

Sponsor of the LGBTQ CLUB

303-655-0773 X 211