District 205's Overarching Math Goals

We aim to create problem solvers and critical thinkers who can:

  • Make sense of never-before-seen, "messy" problems and persevere in solving them.
  • Construct viable arguments involving mathematics and statistics and critique the reasoning of others.

Taken from YouCubed - Growth Mindset:

The term “growth mindset” comes from the groundbreaking work of Carol Dweck. She identified everyone holds ideas about their own potential. Some people believe that their intelligence is more or less fixed and in math – that you can do math or you can’t. About 40% of students have these damaging “fixed mindset” ideas. Another 40% have a “growth mindset” – they believe that they can learn anything and that their intelligence can grow. The other 20% waver between the two mindsets.

Students with a fixed mindset are those who are more likely to give up easily, whereas students with a growth mindset are those who keep going even when work is hard, and who are persistent. The two mindsets are associated with different achievement pathways. It is possible to change mindsets from fixed to growth and cause higher mathematics achievement.

In Elmhurst 205, we are working on doing just that!

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