Professional Learning

Late Start 4/24/19
Copy of Apple: Engaging Primary Learners with I-Pad
Created by Sharon Iovinelli
QFT 2018
Late Start 11/28
Co-teaching Presentation 3/14/18
Next Steps in PLCs
Feb Late Star: Rigor/Questioning
Math - Learner Centered Top 10
Moving Student Reading Levels
Math Running Records
What's Good for the Few is Good for Many
Small Group Instruction
Seesaw - Lunch and Learn
Late Arrival 1/16/19
Making Learning Visible (Jan. 2019)
Late Start 2/20/19 - Collaboration
Math Committee Update
Diving into Dictado Presentation Institute Day
Created by Claudia Valencia and Abby Cullen
New Teacher 18-19
Tools For Digital Literacy (K-5) 2018 updated
Jefferson F&P Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study
Copy of Reading Workshop PD
Breakout EDU Game Facilitation Presentation
Zearn Presentation
Who's Doing the Work? Slide Show
Guided Reading Lesson Planning
Guided Reading Learning Targets
2/15/17 Late Start - Jefferson
Jefferson Oct. Late Arrival PPt.
RW Classroom Environment Quick Guide
Introduction to Google Classroom
Reading workshop