Reading Workshop

What do we VALUE in literacy instruction?

  • All students GROW as readers.
  • Student CHOICE drives text selection.
  • Students read for AUTHENTIC purposes.
  • Students develop a LOVE of reading.

Why reading workshop?

Research shows reading improves when:

  • More time to read is provided in uninterrupted blocks
  • Students are able to self select books
  • There is ongoing, integrated and explicit skill and strategy instruction
  • Students think about what they’ve read and have literate conversations about reading, writing, research and ideas
  • Students read a high volume of texts at increasing levels of complexity
  • Readers are re-assessed often to monitor growth
  • Students are provided with informative, responsive, targeted feedback
  • Students are given consistent opportunities to become independent readers, writers and thinkers


Speaking and Listening

Academic Discussions Resources:


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