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What does an instructional coach do?

A coach is someone who impacts instruction and student learning by:

  • Helping teachers identify their strengths
  • Helping teachers “grow” their strengths
  • Helping teachers develop new strengths

Standards Based Reporting

Standards based reporting hinges on the belief that ongoing, specific feedback of student learning towards a grade-level standard is far more powerful than an arbitrary letter grade.

Through standards based grading, we can more easily communicate the following:

  • What specifically do we want our students to know and be able to do (CCSS)?
  • Where are students at in the process of mastering that standard (see bicycle analogy at left)?

Meet the Coaches

Pia Bartolai - Instructional Coach


I grew up in Elmhurst and attended Jefferson, Sandburg and York before going to the University of Iowa where I majored in Elementary Education. I am earning in my Masters in School Leadership with a Principal's endorsement from NEIU.

Before transitioning to instructional coaching in 2016, I was a classroom teacher (4th and 5th grade) at Lincoln and Fischer for 9 years. I was also a member of the York Badminton staff for 8 years before becoming head coach in 2018.

Working with students and teachers is a passion of mine and I thrive off of supporting people in their personal and professional growth.

Follow me on Twitter @Barts07

Follow me on Instagram @jefferson205.bartolai

Bridget McDonald - Inclusion Coach

(Jefferson, Hawthorne, Lincoln, and Fischer)

Hello! I am your Special Education Instructional Coach. Prior to coaching I was a Early Childhood Special Education Teacher at Madison Early Childhood Center and Autism Coach for the Illinois Autism Training & Technical Assistance Program. I have over 13 years experience in the field of special education. I have a Master in Special Education, Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Special Education, EL certificate and currently working on a Masters in School Leadership. My passions include supporting ALL students in ALL settings to meet their needs and maximize their learning.

Follow me on Twitter @BridgetMcdonal