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Blind Date with a Book

College Essay Guy- April 20, 10 am

College Essay Guy- May 18, 10 am

Past Events:

12/08/2022- 10 -11 am

Cookbook author Jessie Sheehan Live Cooking Show

9/30/22-  9:00 am-10:00 am

Virtual Visit with College Essay Essentials- Learn to Write the Personal Statement on the Common App- an interactive workshop

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Teresa Hartling, Library Media Specialist

About me:  I was born, raised, and educated in Wisconsin.   I began my education career as a social studies and reading teacher in the Midwest.  I also am an experienced special education teacher.  My mother says she knew from the time I was sneaking out of the family station wagon into the library, that I would be a librarian.  In this case, Mom's intuition was right. This is my 9th year as a LMS.  I have degrees in History, Secondary Education, Library Science, and Special Education.  I received the Connecticut Association Schools award of excellence in library programming in 2016. 

Natalia Mozzicato, Library Assistant 

About me: My love of all things literary began as a young girl. I can vividly remember staying up past my bedtime to read under the covers with a flashlight. This same passion for books carried on into my adult life and inspired me to study English Literature at Providence College. I have experience working with all genres of literature in various stages of editing and production through my numerous internships with literary agents and publishing companies. Furthermore, I have previously worked as a research assistant for Providence College’s Department of Education. I am extremely enthusiastic to join the EPS community, and share my love of books with others in my new role.