Speaking engagements:

1 In 44 Virtual Summit-August 12-13, 2022

Heart to Heart Conference - Indianapolis, Indiana - September 29, 2022

Ms. Stephanie runs a program on Instagram called Let's Talk About Science! Autism Rocks and Rolls will be joining her in September for a week to discuss autism and the science behind it. This amazing crossover is on Instagram.

In October 2021, Sam helped at the first annual Special Needs Night at Fowler Pumpkin Patch for two nights. What nights those were. Some of the children that attended had never been to a pumpkin patch because of sensory issues. This time, it was small-scale, quiet, and free of charge. What an inspirational night.

In September of 2021, Sam got a free-riding experience at P.A.L.S. in Bloomington, Indiana. People and Learning Services is a wonderful place where those with disabilities and veterans can learn to ride and interact with horses there. It is a wonderful place and we were honored to be invited.

Sam was invited to help Skip Daley work the sound at a local wrestling event in Bloomington, Indiana. This was good practice for him to hone his media skills.

Sam had the honor of speaking to Dr. Bethany Murphy's IU Health's/Indiana University's future nurses about the emotional side of autism. It was a great time.

Sam had the privilege to merge Autism Rocks and Rolls with the event, Cast for Kids put on by Brandon and Amy Barrett. It was truly wonderful. Children with disabilities came to Lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana, and had a great time fishing with fishing guides. There was a spectacular awards ceremony after.

In February 2022 Sam spoke in Broken Arrows Oklahoma at The Griffith Promise Autism Clinic through Lori Frederick. It was a fun time for those to see how someone with autism can be successful.

On April 16, 2022, Autism Rocks and Rolls Corporation hosted the first-ever ARAR GALA where we booked Sam and Temple Grandin as keynote speakers. It was an amazing event and a day filled with hope.

On May 13, 2022, Sam Mitchell spoke at the ASET (Assistive Special Education Technology) Conference. This was an incredible workshop he did, and many people were amazed by him. The point of this conference was to show how technology can sometimes help those on the spectrum. Also, this was our first international one because the conference was in Canada.

From May 25-29, 20222, Sam went to PodFest and not only learned about what else he could do with his podcast, but his time also consisted of this: having a booth, giving a 5-minute talk, and being on a panel. It was a blast because, as he said, "I felt included for the first time in a group setting." He even made some friends throughout his time.

On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Sam delivered his $1,000 check to Hands In Autism. It was covered on WTHR 13 Indianapolis (See Press). Not only that but they were even generous enough to give us a tour of the facility. Their place and the facility are where rock stars are born.


Our Nonprofit, Autism Rocks and Rolls, 501c3 has been approved at the state level!

Sam's blog will be published in the Greene County Daily World each Friday.

Sam has published his first PSA announcement that accompanies his podcast episode, Making Friends and Getting that Girl.

Autism Rocks And Rolls hired our first intern at Ivy Tech in June