Envision yourself as a person who has a bright future, but then get diagnosed with autism at a young age, and you develop a lack of conversational skills when one of the requirements in society is discussing with someone. Now, I do not converse with any male or female easily because I have the tendency to talk about what I only want to, and it leads people the wrong way. I have never been able to figure out the reason, but at the end of the day, I brush the dust off, and I reclaim my territory. My voice is an attribute even though society may not agree. I have myself and others who would disagree with most of the human population. Each day before I go to bed I make sure that I lit my torch to know that I am here as well, so why are you not letting me in while giving me a chance at my redemption?When I am conversing with someone, the person who saves me from fainting is me. The reason is no one knows how I talk to someone one hundred percent as I go off-topic too much along with coming across as selfish by not sharing thoughts with others. While I like to converse with my family and peers, it is damp and causes too much anxiety and depression to where I have to tiptoe on my feet. There have been people who I feel more comfortable speaking to than others, but it will never be full-fledged comfortable. This will always be an almost mature and comfortable mood. However, I would not wish to change my conversing skills. If I had one wishing star come down, it would certainly not be that. I have so much to say that fire would eventually come out of my breath. I always wonder if others care about my thoughts, which has led me to not care about people who have not listened to my thoughts. Furthermore, I know I am a relevant human being and that is the only opinion that matters to me. You can debate whether this could be me being a jerk or not? I am only just feeding you accurate information. The decision and the rest are up to you. My enemies have made me stronger so if you choose to not like me and throw me off the cliff, then go ahead, but my friend, you are wasting your time because you cannot start drama or make me feel bad about myself. I have been through too much to not have my life puzzled together. You once did push me, but I have officially resurrected and no matter what, I will keep coming back. Instead of saying stop drop and roll, we should say listen, open your ears, and include. I am no longer a hidden gem. I am the gem for others who need my voice and others who just want a direction. Additionally, I’ve been shot in the head too many times while conversing, and I am now bulletproof to the negativity during a conversation. Each person has been manipulated into the negatives and their fifty-percent right when it comes to skills we do not understand or topics that we consider trivial. However, put us in our element, and it will become a different ball game. We can converse with you like anyone else when it comes to our knowledge that we just want to share with the planet. It is time for everybody to become more open-minded when it comes to autistic people conversing. Instead of looking at autistic people blabbing as a foreign language, it is now time for us to see the rise of the Sun while others give us the undivided attention that we so desperately need for the world to hear us. Now let’s envision an autistic person who lacks conversational skills again. The one thing I hope you took from this is that you know society puts pressure on people on the spectrum as they must converse with the human species and I do not think society will fully understand. They could always be a problem in the future, but let me ask this: Why can’t you become part of the solution?