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*Update as of Spring 2020* After my Fulbright experience, I have chosen to continue this site and add experiences from around the world, particularly those that are focused on international education. I may be contacted at

As a Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program recipient, I am happy to share some of my experiences with you, the reader, about my time in Singapore. Please enjoy! My thoughts and findings are my own and do not represent Fulbright or the Ministry of Education in Singapore. I am most grateful to Fulbright, the Ministry of Education, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, and EdNC for making this possible. A very special thank you to Holly, Angelica, and Becky for making this award possible with all of the work you do. Thank you to the U.S. Department of State, The Academy of Singapore Teachers, and the U.S. Embassy in Singapore. Thank you to Mr. Alfred Mays and Mebane Rash for their support and advocating for me. This site would not be possible without the genius technological abilities of Nancy Rose, Chief Operating Officer of EdNC. Her creativity and expertise have made this site possible. Any errors are my own.

ShazBot, Yani, Fred Dawg, Esther, Saiful, Norah, Shakila, Melissa, Rezia, Jeremy, and Dr. Dawn Ng...what would I have done in Singapore without you?

You're the best.

Andi Webb

My journey in Singapore

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On being a global teacher