guidance and counseling

Success is rarely a straight line. It requires change. And change is hard. It doesn't happen automatically, and it often requires support.

At EDCO, "support" is a team effort. We RESPECT our students, COLLABORATE with and for students, and hold ourselves, each other, and students RESPONSIBLE for success.

These are our three core values.

school-based support

Inside and beyond the classroom, members of the EDCO community live the values of RESPONSIBILITY, COLLABORATION, and RESPECT. Staff is always available to support students in times of need, through:

  • Creating time and space to talk, check in, or just take a break
  • Collaborative problem solving with school staff to meet learning needs
  • Help students with issues outside of school that are creating barriers
  • Connect students to resources and services outside of school
  • Work together to address personal challenges
  • Mediation to peacefully resolve conflict

post-secondary transition

EDCO's student support staff assist students in making a successful transition INTO the school and on track to graduation, and then a successful transition OUT OF school and on toward their next step. This is accomplished through:

  • Interview and assessments to get to know you
  • Creation of an Individual Learning Plan for every student
  • Strong relationships with EDCO staff Advisors and employer Mentors
  • One-on-one meetings and group sessions with guidance counselor
  • Assistance with applications and financial aid
  • Exploration of your skills and interests, plus a career path based on them