Research and Evaluation 


The Department of Social Welfare and Development ( DSWD) as a dynamic and evolving organization recognizes the importance of evidence- based information for policy and program development in addressing critical issues and concerns of poor, disadvantage, vulnerable and marginalized sectors of society. As such, the DSWD, including the Central Office, Field Offices and its Centers and Residential Care Facilities is a rich source of data and information that could be used as basis for research studies along social welfare and development (SWD) as well as social protection. Further, given the mandate of the Department to provide leadership in SWD, it is the Department's responsibility to share experiences and expertise in those fields to those who are interested to conduct research studies. 


Conducted Research for FY 2020-2023

Status of 2023 Approved Research Request

2023 Inventory of Approved Research Studies 

FO5 - Inventory of Approved Research Studies 2023

2020-2022 Inventory of Approved Research Studies

Inventory of Approved Research Studies

Request for SWD Data/Information Counts for FY 2020-2023

A. Statement of the Problem

B. Objective of the Study

C. Scope and Limitation

D. Significance of the Research

E. Definition of Terms

A. Theoretical Framework

B. Conceptual Framework

C. Hypothesis

A. Selection of Respondents

B. Research Instrument

C. Data Gathering Procedure

D. Data Analysis

Planning to Conduct Research with Us?