Domain Name Registration

Domain Registration:

Our price includes dealing with the Registrars, *Managed DNS Services, and any issues that may arise for the length of the domain purchase. This includes making sure that your domain is properly registered, has been setup properly (Name server, dns, etc.. ) and has it's full and correct contact information, updated to prevent cyber squatters and other idiots from tarnishing your domain, Support during the purchase and a reliable secondary contact.

Other Domain Registration services will charge you much, MUCH more for those extra services. We felt it was just easier to make sure you had everything you needed to begin with, and manage it for you, so you have one less thing to deal with.. If you don't need the extra services, we can negotiate a discount price, depending on your needs.

(!) We can also quote prices for INTERNATIONAL DOMAIN NAMES.. The prices change constantly.. We have listed prices as of June 2010.

These are just a select few of the domains we can process.. If you need international coverage, Ask!

June 2010 Prices for Domain Names: (These Are Non validated quotes -- They may go down or up in price.. Ask for your quote!) **

*Managed DNS Service: This includes features such as Dynamic DNS, Fail over and Round Robin, MX (Mail) , and the ability to park or forward your domain to any location you so desire. For an additional fee, we can provide backup MX (Mail) services, and even vanity DNS NAME Servers. Our services also can provide IPV6 (AAAA) records!

Registration Lock:

Designed to provide the ultimate in domain name security, Registration lock prevents account ownership updates, name server updates, contact updates, moving domains between accounts, and registrar transfers without authorization from the account owner through e-mail. Domains using Registration Lock will be under locked status with the registry. If your Really Paranoid, for an additional 10.00 per year, we can add this service.

WHOIS Privacy:

Privacy is a major concern for us and our customers. We'll provide a completely private registration. This is done by listing the registrars information in the WHOIS database rather than yours. No more sales phone calls, junk mail or SPAM due to your domain registrations ever again.

If your wishing to keep your contact information private, we offer WHOIS PRIVACY for $7.00 additional a year.