4) Security Controls

Our Security portion of our services, mostly deals with Home/Small business surveillance and monitoring.

We do work with access controls such as remote gates, Card access Controls and Delayed Exit systems.

Unfortunately, piece of mind doesn't come cheep in this world. Many pass off solutions that they claim to be inexpensive, but cause the customer headache upon headache, once the installer finishes and leaves..

We work with our customers to provide the best solution for their needs. We do it right the first time.

Some times this requires not being the lowest bidder. We stand behind our work, and will be there for the long haul.

Unlike many companies who's goal is to sell you a starter solution, only to come back and say, well if you want this then .... (Listen for the sound of your money being sucked away) , We use Open Sourced, non proprietary solutions, that allow you to add as you go.

Security Consultations are $50.00, for a home and 100.00 for business, and is a normally a 1 hr visit to the location to be secured.

Security Repair or adjustments are normally $15.00 per hr.

Average installs run on average $3500.00 for a 8 Camera system, and $4500.00 for a 16 camera system.

Our systems have the following features, Standard:

120 Frames Per Second Viewing

30 Days of High Quality Recording

Video Playback on any Windows PC

Custom User Settings & Passwords

User & Event Logs

Audio Monitoring & Recording

Remote Access

Remote Alarm Monitoring

Web Browser Access

PDA Control & Viewing

Multi-Camera Viewing & Auto Rotation

Motion Detection Recording & Alarm

Pre-Alarm Recording

Automatic Recording Schedules

MultAutomatic Email Alarm Notification

Multi-Site/Multi Camera Viewing


Spot Monitor Display

I/O Control (Input/Output Relay)i Camera Playback

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Control Ready.

Digital Picture Adjustments

Digital Focus

Digital Zoom

Snap ShotH.264 Compression

2 Year Warranty