Troubleshooting the RaceTracker

Double Counts

In almost all cases, the racer came too close to the Timing Zone while on another part of the course. Try one or more of these options:

  • Create a smaller timing zone by re-calibrating with the drone closer to the RaceTracker.
  • Move the timing gate so it's not close to another section of the track.
  • Adjust the minimum lap time feature in the RaceTracker settings

Missed Counts

  • Move the timing gate to a slower part of the track
  • Increase the size of the timing zone by re-calibrating with the drone further away from the RaceTracker

Confirming the Boundary of your Timing Zone

Use a this special mode to get instant LED feedback on when you enter the Timing Zone. This is great to confirm your calibration and setup before a race.

Getting Ready for a Timing Zone Test

  • Open the App, connect to the RaceTracker and calibrate it from an appropriate distance
  • Set the Fastest Lap (AKA minimum lap time) to 0 seconds
  • Disconnect the racetracker from inside the app and power it off
  • Turn off the racetracker

Enter Timing Zone Test Mode

  • Tap and hold the power button for 6 seconds until you see 4 blue lights, release and you will see 4 red lights, then the RaceTracker lights will animate

Walk away from the RaceTracker and then towards it. When you enter the timing zone, the RaceTracker lights will glow steady. Walk out of it and the lights will animate again. You can now approach the RaceTracker from several angles and observe it's behavior.

Other Factors that Impact Reliability

Now there is one more thing that makes this even more "interesting". When you calibrate to set the Timing Zone, you are doing that with one quad, say 25mW. What if a rouge racer has a high power transmitter? Effectively the timing zone just got bigger for that one pilot because their more powerful transmitter will be detected by the RaceTracker sooner. (Their timing zone is bigger).

How much of an issue is this? We don't have hard test data on this, but we would love to hear your experience so we can help other pilots. Just email