First Time Setup


See the bottom of this article for videos.

1) Download Drone Squad (iOS/Android) and launch the app

2) Tap and hold the RaceTracker button for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. You will see 4 pulsing blue lights.

3) Tap the "+" button and then tap "Start new time trial session"

4) Tap "Pair TBS RaceTracker"

5) Tap the Scan Button and once your RaceTracker is discovered, tap "Connect"

7) After the tracker pairs with the Drone Squad app, tap the frequency button to edit the settings

Optional: scroll down to select Shotgun Start or Flyover Start

8) Select the video frequency that you are using for your aircraft

The RaceTracker will be "listening" to this frequency in order to detect when you fly over it.

9) Place your RaceTracker on the timing gate

Tips to maximize range:

  • Put the RaceTracker on the far side of the gate with the lights facing the flight line.
  • For grass and dirt fields, make sure the RaceTracker is elevated off the ground.
  • Notice the BlueTooth signal strength as you walk away from the RaceTracker.

10) Prepare for Calibration

This process will take into account your gate size, video transmitter, track layout and lap time

The calibration process sets the sensitivity of the RaceTracker. It can be though of as a bubble. When your quads video transmitter passes through the bubble, the RaceTracker will trigger a lap.

Hold the quad 1.5 - 3.0 gate lengths from the RaceTracker when calibrating. The calibration will take into account this distance and the Video Transmitter power. So it will be different for each setup.

11) Calibrate the RaceTracker

Ignore the presets, power on your Quad to the same frequency as the RaceTracker and tap calibrate

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