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I have Version 1 of the RaceTracker and it is not working properly, how do I get the free warranty replacement.

Fill out this RMA request.

My RaceTracker name says "No ID", how do I fix that?

TBS can help, first fill out this form. The next time that TBS updates their app, your device will be registered and the name can be restored from there.

How do I get hardware support?

Visit the Team Black Sheep support site for hardware specific help articles or to open a support ticket. You can also visit the RaceTracker Facebook Group for community support.

How do I update the firmware?

Download the TBS RaceTracker app (Android Only) to install the latest version of the firmware. (0.5.10 as of October 6, 2017)

Can I use the RaceTracker with Connex Prosight HD video?

Yes, you need to configure it to use one of the Raceband frequencies by going into fixed frequency mode. See Connex's Frequency Management article for more information. Here's a video from pro drone racer Bapu using the RaceTracker with Connex.

Can the RaceTracker be used to run races?

A single RaceTracker can now support up to 8 pilots. This feature is currently in Beta. See the RaceTracker Facebook Group for more information.

Where can I buy a RaceTracker?

Visit the TBS RaceTracker product page.

How do I request a feature or report a bug?

We love them, please Contact Us.