Improving RaceTracker Range

Typical range is 10m / 33 ft. but with a few simple steps you can vastly increase this. Please note that there are several factors that impact the BlueTooth range of your RaceTracker, such as:

  • The placement of the RaceTracker
  • The RaceTracker antenna used
  • Your mobile device (some phones have much better BlueTooth antennas than others)
  • The 2.4GHz noise floor at your location

Elevate it off the Ground

The 2.4GHz radio frequency that BlueTooth uses does not penetrate water. So, placing on the ground will attenuate the signal dramatically. Try elevating the RaceTracker off the ground for improved range.

Add an External BlueTooth Antenna

This will have a dramatic impact on your range. You can make your own or buy the TBS RaceTracker Range Extender kit.