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Statute House Bill 16-1198 requires the State Board of Education to adopt secondary computer science standards that identify the knowledge and skills secondary students should acquire related to computer science, including computer coding, in one or more courses that qualify as a graduation requirement in either mathematics or science. Local education providers may choose to implement the standards adopted. The voluntary nature of the Computer Science standards is different from all other academic standards that are required to be implemented.


Colorado SBE

Standards in Computer Science Standards are the topical organization of an academic content area. The three standards of computer science are:

1. Computational Thinking Includes concepts related to the use of algorithms and data in different ways to generate new knowledge and articulate solutions to real world problems.

2. Computing Systems and Networks Includes concepts related to the development and communication between software and hardware, and systems thinking around data protection and recovery.

3. Computer Programming Includes concepts related to creating computer programs and applications, working collaboratively to engage in client-based problem solving, and internet security.