Year 1 - Webinar archive

The webinars linked below were presented in early 2018 as part of Year 1 of this project.

ISTE GM AI Course - 2/19/18

This webinar features multiple examples of AI use in higher education as well as K-12 classrooms. Thanks to our speakers Dr. Ginger Watson and Dr. Scott Garrigan.
This link provides access specific resources shared by the speakers. here to view the webinar archive.

ISTE GM AI Course - 3/12/18

This webinar includes presentations from three AI guest experts. Jeremy Macdonald (Sphero), Ruchir Puri (IBM) and Mandi Dammon (GM) who helped us explore a bit about ethics and AI as well as ways AI is being used in real world applications.
Click here to view the webinar archive.