Module 8. AI Considerations and Future

The resources listed on this page offer supporting information for Module 8 of the AI Explorations course. If you have a resource you'd like to suggest, please complete the form linked here.


How Introducing AI Across the Curriculum May Address Key Equity Concerns: An interview with Nancye Blair Black, Project Lead for AI Explorations and Their Practical Use in School Environments, discussing the work that she and her colleagues are doing, what lies ahead and why she’s so excited about the potential of artificial intelligence in the classroom.

Why Social Studies is Becoming AI Studies: Quote: "AI is not just a tech issue, it’s a social studies issue. Teaching youth to code may be part of the response, but even more important is asking them to consider issues of the changing civic and employment landscape." 11-28-18


World Economic Forum-Strategic IQ App: Excellent resource for articles and data on AI, AI trends and AI in education.


AI and Bias: "While artificial intelligence is generating a number of benefits, it also raises a number of difficult questions in terms of bias and discrimination. In this series, led by Governance Studies Fellow Nicol Turner-Lee, scholars inside and outside the Institution explore ways to mitigate possible biases and create a pathway toward greater fairness in AI and emerging technologies." 04-20-20

Data Science Ethics in 6 Minutes: A crash course in Data Science ethics for Data Science students trying to do good in the world and avoid perpetuating bias. 12-30-20 1

Frontline: In the Age of AI: This PBS documentary has several segments which are enlightening.


The 17 Best AI and Machine Learning TED Talks for Practitioners: List of TED Talk videos curated by Solutions Review.

Using Naive Bayes to Detect Hate Speech - Explained: a quick example of how the Naive Bayes algorithm would be used to detect Hate Speech in online comments. This is just an overview, but would be helpful alongside other videos explaining the algorithm, and brings up some ethical questions about censorship. 1-11-21


The Age Of Automation Is Now: Here's How To 'Futureproof' Yourself: In this 35-minute Fresh Air interview, Kevin Roose reflects on how we as a society could responsibly manage technological innovation.