4. Machine Learning and Problem Solving

The resources listed on this page offer supporting information for Module 4 of the AI Explorations course. If you have a resource you'd like to suggest, please complete the form linked here.


A Third of Americans Are Sleep-Deprived. This Technology Could Help Them Rest Easier: Read about how medical professionals are exploring ways AI tools may facilitate more accurate methods for monitoring sleep issues. ND

Breast cancer detection with image datasets: Using this resource with High school students will help them understand how deep learning with image data sets is used to solve problems. 1-3-19

Dale Lane's blog post on machine learning: In this blog post, Dale Lane shares a presentation that he uses to explain machine learning. ND

How Google and Grammarly Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Your Writing: Machine learning enables apps to help us become better writers. 11-25-18

Teach Your Kid Machine Learning With These Free Lessons: Article about machine learning resources developed by Dale Lane. 6-14-18

The Genius Neuroscientist Who Might Hold the Key to True AI: Dr. Karl Friston is the developer of the free energy principle, which he holds is the organizing principle of all life. In turn, this may be the key to overcoming existing obstacles in AI research and development. 11-13-18

The non-techie's guide to machine learning: What is machine learning? Will it really change the world? 11-20-17


CreAIte Curriculum Resource: Founded by three young women, the purpose of the CreAIte project is to inspire young girls to explore and innovate in the field of Artificial Intelligence through use of artistic applications. This link takes you to the Curriculum page of the website where you can access the materials needed to teach a CreAIte workshop at your school site.

Decision Tree Template: Lucid Chart has free decision tree templates, both vertical and horizontal.

Google Doodle - J.S. Bach's Birthday: Using this Doodle, you can create your own melody, and through the magic of machine learning, the Doodle will harmonize your melody in Bach’s style.

Google Draw: The link provided here takes you to an article that describes Google Draw, providing some context for you. The article text includes a link to the actual tool.

Machine Learning for Kids website: This website is related to the Video listed below (Teaching kids about machine learning with Dale Lane.)

Teachable Machine: Google's fast, easy way to create machine learning models for sites, apps, and more – no expertise or coding required.

TEACHING LONDON COMPUTING: A RESOURCE HUB FROM CAS LONDON & CS4FN: Teaching and learning website full of CS, AI, Machine Learning and Robotic activities and lessons for PreK-12 students.


Machine Learning and Human Bias: This short Google video does a great job explaining bias in machine learning.

Teaching kids about machine learning with Dale Lane: Software developer and dad Dale Lane has created Machine Learning for Kids, a collection of free projects that teach students how to create their own AI using Scratch or Python.