Multilingual Program

A Letter to LQHS Parents/Guardians!

Greetings Blackhawk Students and Families,

Welcome to La Quinta High School's Multilingual (formerly known as ELD) Program Website. Our program supports our English Learner (EL) Students throughout their high school journey,  as well as becoming  proficient in the English Language.

We are excited to begin this school year and look forward to seeing you at this year's events starting with our EL/ELAC Family Nights. We look forward to providing additional events for Financial Aid Support, Student Field Trips, and ELPAC Study Sessions.

To provide additional support, on this site you can find the following information: ELPAC Test Overview, Reclassification Steps, LAT Team, How to join ELAC and DELAC. Please note, that you can change the language for this website in the left-hand corner of this page. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to our LAT Members.





After-School Tutoring available for all ELD Students

What can EL students expect from La Quinta High School?

LQHS has a diverse English Learner Population. We plan to support each individual journey to close opportunity gaps and highlight their current strengths. In order to accomplish these goals, all English Learners are provided with English Language Development (ELD) Instruction that targets their English Proficiency Level and/or English Immersive Courses based on appropriate academic need.

How do students enter the English Language (EL) Program?