Derby Public Schools

Everyday Learning Platform (EDLP)

Remote Learning Platform

Overview of Derby’s Steps Towards Distance Learning

Step 1: Online Learning Website (March 17th-20th)

Access the Everyday Learning Plan (EDLP)

Complete the suggested activities. Students can access resources and materials by subject and grade level bands.

*Students in grades 3-5 are expected to submit these assignments to their teachers.

Step 2: Transition to Online Teaching and Learning (March 23rd - March 31)

Log into Google Classroom (Clever) and engage/complete posted activities/assignments.

Complete assignments provided through Google Classroom by assigned due date/time.

Adhere to the honor system for completing all work.

Reach out to teachers and classmates for support via email using teachers assigned email addresses.

Step 3: Increased Virtual Learning Experiences and Resources (Beginning in April, if needed)