Chamblee High
Class of 2022

This site is all things related to 2022 Seniors. It is for students, parents, teachers, and other interested parties. Use the tabs or the drop-down menus to navigate. FAQ may be helpful.

Congratulations Class of 2022 Graduates!

As of May 23, 2022, at 12:00 PM, this site is no longer being updated.

Be on the look out for the Chamblee Class of 2023 website, coming in July 2022

Diploma Pickup Times

  1. Thursday 5/26/2022 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

  2. Friday 5/27/2022 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

  3. Tuesday 5/31/2022 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

  4. Once school begins in the fall 2022.

Diplomas must be picked up by the student themselves, or the parent or guardian listed in Infinite Campus, with ID. Diplomas cannot be mailed or picked up by the three groups listed above.

NOTE: At this time, wearing facemasks is highly encouraged when inside the school building. If the CDC changes its recommendation over the summer, notices will be posted on the doors at that time.

Questions?? Please contact Ms. T. Jones, Head Counselor at Chamblee High School.

Requesting Final Transcripts

If requested through Naviance, final transcripts for colleges will be sent by mid- June.

After June 15th, students should use Parchment for final transcripts requests.

Alumni Final Transcripts

Alumni transcripts can be processed through for a small fee.

Chamblee H.S. Graduation

Date: Friday, May 20, 2022

Time: 11:30 AM

Location: Hallford Stadium

Visit the Graduation Page for more details.

Hallford Stadium Directions

DCSD's Graduation Central is created and maintained by DCSD. Your senior co-sponsors include the links for your information. Please note, that neither co-sponsor can add details to this information, or change any of this information, as we do not have those powers.

End of Week Updates (as of 9:45 PM, Friday, May 13, 2022)

  1. GRADUATION TICKET DELIVERY - We are going to hand out graduation tickets next week at the mandatory graduation rehearsal on Thursday, May 19, after we finish rehearsal. There is no need for students to keep up with their wristbands for next week's activities.

  2. Handicapped/Accessible Seating Drop Off automobile placards - Please ask for them at Graduation Ticket Pickup, or visit Ms. Miller in Room 4138 next week.

  3. Tassel and Hoods - We are aware that there are many seniors who picked up their cap and gown Friday without the tassel and hood (white hood with CHS crest on it) included. As of 9:45 PM Friday evening, we still don't actually have the box, but we are tracking the delivery. The tassel and hood for each student will be delivered at the graduation rehearsal, Thursday, May 19.

  4. Awards Ceremony - Awards Ceremony is Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 6:00 PM in the CHS Gymnasium. Doors will open at 5:30 PM. We have an amazing senior class who have earned many awards. We are estimating the ceremony will be about 2 hours. A brief reception follows.

  5. Awards Ceremony - Attire - Students should wear dress clothes with their blue gown and cords. NHS has their sashes. NO caps, tassels, or the white hood (the white thing with the school crest on it). **If the dress changes for Awards Night, we will make that change here, and in Remind Texts.

  6. Graduation Rehearsal - Graduation Rehearsal is Thursday, May 19, 2022, at 9:00 AM in the CHS Gymnasium. Doors will open by 8:30 AM. Eat Breakfast and drink your morning coffee or OJ BEFORE you arrive. No parents, guardians, visitors, or 9th thru 11th grade students are allowed in the gym or on the track while rehearsal is taking place. PTA Ice Cream Social will follow rehearsal. We will also hand out Graduation Tickets, Handicapped/Accessible Drop Off Placards, and the tassels and hoods for those who still need them.

  7. Graduation Rehearsal - Attire - Students should wear comfy clothes. This is NOT a dress rehearsal. Leave your backpacks, cap & gown, tassel, white hood (the white thing with the school crest on it), yearbooks, and any other large items at home.

  8. Graduation Day - Graduation Day is Friday, May 20, 2022. Seniors arrive at CHS gymnasium at 8:00 AM. Doors will open by 7:45 AM. Light Breakfast will be served to the seniors. No parents, guardians, visitors, or 9th thru 11th grade students are allowed in the gym or on the track on graduation day. All seniors will ride the charter buses to Hallford Stadium. After graduation, students may leave Hallford Stadium with their parents or guardians. We have 1 charter bus returning to CHS for those students who indicated they needed a ride back.

  9. Graduation Day - Attire - Students should wear clothes according to this page. Wear your cap & gown, white hood with crest, school-approved cords, and NHS stolls, and allowable shoes. Leave your backpacks and all accessories and any other large items at home. Phones will need to be on "airplane mode" and "silenced" for the ceremony. Consider bringing a small disposable water bottle. Remember the security at the stadium will confiscate all caps with 3-D designs and all caps with inappropriate content on them.

  10. Graduation Day - Attire - Parents, Guardians, Family, and Friends who are attending graduation should park in the upper parking lots unless they have a Handicapped/Accessible Drop Off Placard. Those cars will drop off their passengers needing limited mobility or wheelchair access and park in the lower lot. The parking garage is not being used for parking for this event. Parents should not congregate outside the stadium for any reason. No coolers are allowed. Small, thin foam stadium seats with no bars or backs are allowed.

  11. Thank you all for your patience. Ms. Peyton ( and Ms. Miller ( are available for questions in person and via email.


Cap & Gown Portraits

Cap & Gown portraits are now available for purchase!

Log in here to view and order today!

Order Graduation Announcements

Direct Link to Order Grad Announcements

Click here on the Grad Announcements Page To see the letter from Herff Jones

*The actual Announcements will say Chamblee High School. This sample is from last school year.

If anyone is not pleased with the Graduation Announcements, Please call Herff Jones and discuss a refund at (770) 921-9022.

Upcoming Events

Prom 2022

Saturday, April 23 @ 8:00 PM. The junior class of Chamblee High School Invites You to an Evening of Fun at Prom 2022. "Masterpieces" at the High Museum of Art, 1280 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309. Formal Attire Required. Tickets. Tickets sold during outside door to room 3125 during all lunches $65 from 4/11 - 4/15 and $75 at the door. Cash, Checks, or Money Orders ONLY. Note: Juniors and Seniors are the only students who can buy tickets. They can bring a sophomore or a freshman as a date.

Senior Week

Mondy, May 9 - Tuesday, May 17. The senior class Senior Week is 9 days (yes we love you that much) this school year. We are still working on our fun plan for you all, but stay tuned.

Past Events

Spring Break

April 4 to 8. Please stay safe and have a well-deserved break from school.

April Fool's "Lil' Somethin' Somethin'"

Friday, April 1. Members of the senior class will find Ms. Peyton and Ms. Miller in the cafe area during lunch. Visit us for a Lil' Somethin' Somethin' we hope you enjoy. Wear your Seniors Shirt to skip to the short line.

St. Patty's Day Treat during Lunch

"Nearing the End of Your High School Rainbow"

Thursday, March 17 @ 4th period. Members of the senior class will find Ms. Peyton and Ms. Miller on the patio, outside the cafe area during lunch. Visit us for your surprise.

We will have lists of pre-clearance activities that you can take care of NOW and avoid the crazy rush of trying to get cleared on the last few days of school, while AP Exams and Senior Week are taking place.

The Senior Class Picture

Tuesday, March 8 @ 11:30 AM. The senior class picture will be taken on Tuesday, March 8 at 11:30 in the gym. Please wear your senior T-shirt. We cannot change the date or time, so please do not email Ms. Andriano, Ms. Miller, or Ms. Peyton if you are unable to be there.

Senior Dues $130 are Due

Feb. 15 @ 4th period. Make Contact with us, please!! Ms. Peyton, Room 3141, end of the hallway, last double doors on the right, just before the stairs that are all the way at the end of the hallway.

We Love Our Seniors Event (Coffee and Pastries)

Feb. 14 Valentines Day @ 4th period. Letting the Seniors know we love them!!!! Seniors, get your tickets for the coffee and the pastry lines at the check-in table. Also, check on your dues status, cap & gown sizes, get your Senior T-Shirt if you have paid your dues, etc. Seniors cannot check in for anyone but themselves.

Senior Parent Meeting (Virtual)

Feb. 8 @ 6:00 PM (Virtual). A Zoom link will be posted by 5:30 PM in Google Classroom under the News Feed, so parents can access it there as well. The Meeting will be recorded for those who cannot attend live (but virtually).

This website is a gathering place for all things related to Senior Year. In Octover of 2021, Ms. Peyton and Ms. H. Miller took over the co-senior sponsorship position. There are a lot of moving parts senior year, and this site is a way to gather the who, what, when, where and why for all things related to senior year. We are continuously updating this webpage.

Ms. Miller and Ms. Peyton are happy to answer questions directly via email. Please include your name as parent and your student's name in the correspondence. Link to the recording.

--Thank you.