Welcome to the DCSD Innovation and Design Center

The IDC Library

The IDC Library is a multi-functional resource power hub that empowers Douglas County School District to support K-12 instruction. In addition to a traditional print library, the IDC library circulates a variety of resources such as novel sets, STEM materials, a StarLab astronomy dome, culture kits, and health models. District educators also enjoy exploring our Innovation Lab and Makerspace Zone.

School Librarian and Teacher Support

Our District Librarians and staff provide expert assistance and training for DCSD school librarians and teachers. The department manages professional development, procurement and support for digital resources, bibliographic services, systems administration, technical support, district novel adoption, and school collection development and alignment.

Digital Library and Information Resources

In addition to the district's Integrated Library Management System (Destiny), the IDC maintains a variety of online educational tools, such as digital ebooks and audiobooks, digital encyclopedias, streaming video services, and research databases.