​Welcome to Studio5C!

1. Become a participant. Who is your favorite actor? Create a name for yourself. Use your favorite actor or create a unique name. SIGN UP HERE at the Studio and you will be placed on the actor list. You can also include a picture, icon or symbol to be displayed with your name.

2. Review the available studios. Each studio will have a theme with many choices that connect to the theme. (Look for the tab that says Studio:Topics) In the future, Studios will be added, Studio5C will let you know.

3. Select a studio. Click on the link to register online for the studio in order to get PD credit after you complete the studio. Once you have selected a studio, you will have successfully become an actor for that studio. Experience the studios as you see fit.

4. Obtain status levels in each studio. Each studio has five statuses, script writer, producer, director, movie star, and walk of fame. Each studio will have badges given for those who reach each tool or application within the studio. The Walk of Fame status will be an award presentation.

5. After completing each level, you will be placed on the status board with your status. In order to receive the 9 PD hours, you must complete the requirements for each studio. Upon receiving Walk of Fame status, you earn 9-PD Hours in escWorks. Please look at the PD Hours page for further information.

6. At the end of the school year, those who have reached the Walk of Fame status will be invited to the Studio5C Academy Awards to receive their Walk of Fame Star and goodies (goodies TBD).

How Do I Obtain a Status Level?

For each status level, participants will do the following: 1) study module content, 2) participate in a focused discussion with peers working on the same module, 3) create an original inquiry-based global lesson plan that incorporates new learning, 4) implement the original lesson plan in the classroom, 5) provide evidence of classroom implementation and 6) reflect on and revise the lesson created.

​1. Script Writer: You will have successfully completed the script writer level after studying the overview of tool(s) or application(s) selected. This may require you to watch videos, explore websites, read social media, and completing a reflection form.

2. Producer: You will have successfully completed your Producer level after you pick a tool(s) or application(s) in the studio and review the basics by looking at tutorials, articles or other supplemental material. In addition, you will start to practice using the tool(s) or application(s), creating lessons using the template provided and reflect on the learning through Zoom with the instructor.

3. Director: You will have successfully completed your Director Status by showing "what you know." You will create something with this tool or application, use it with your students and provide Studio5C with examples. Note: Some tools for Director status have specific criteria. Make sure you are looking at this criteria, if applicable. Then complete the reflection sheet.

4. Movie Star - Once you are a veteran in three tools or applications for the studio, you will have earned your Movie Star status and earn a badge per chosen tool.

Walk of Fame - To get to the Walk of Fame status for the studio, earn all status levels for the studio and upload all requested materials. Once you receive the Walk of Fame status, you will have access to all the lessons/activities shared from all participants.