CANlab (+) Neuroimaging Patterns and Signatures

Atlases, parcellations, and multivariate predictive models from our lab and others...and code to work with them

This page is a gallery of links to resources for researchers. It contains maps from neuroimaging meta-analyses, brain atlases and brain parcellations, and multivariate brain 'signatures'. All of these can be downloaded and applied to new studies. You could: (1) use meta analysis-derived brain regions as a mask in your analysis (2) apply a brain parcellation to reduce the number of comparisons or estimate inter-region connectivity matrices; or (3) apply a 'signature' pattern to your fMRI or PET data to extract a brain measure of interest for validation and testing. Click here for other examples of use cases.

The images and results are all stored in a Github repository:

Object-oriented code for applying patterns and working with neuroimaging data is here:

Our fMRI analysis book is here: