St. Charles East Clubs & Activities

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Extracurricular Philosophy

St. Charles East High School offers students a comprehensive program of extracurricular activities. These activities are an integral part of the total educational program and cover a wide range of interests such as student government, a variety of clubs, opportunities in the areas of the performing arts, and athletics. A strong extracurricular program promotes leadership and values. It reinforces positive attitudes toward school and the community. Through its success, the extracurricular program supports the school’s philosophy of instructional excellence, positive self-esteem and student-centered decision making.

Academic Eligibility

Please keep in mind that the primary purpose of St. Charles East High School is to promote academic achievement. Therefore, if you are engaged in an area of the co-curricular program which makes significant demands on your time, you must perform satisfactorily in the classroom to continue participation in that activity. In order to be eligible to participate in school- sponsored or school-supported athletic or extracurricular activity, a student must maintain a passing grade in 5 classes (or 2.5 credits). Any week that you are not passing 5 classes, you will be ineligible to participate in the activity until you become eligible. See 6:190 in the School Board policy for more details.

Code of Conduct

The Board of Education recognizes that participation in school activities is a privilege. Students participating in sports or extracurricular activities are expected to be an honorable representative of District 303 at all times in appearance, language, conduct and attitude. District 303 strongly discourages students from attending parties and other functions where behavior may jeopardize their individual, team, or organization’s reputation. When rules are violated, students will be held responsible for their actions. Refer to your student handbook for specific violation penalties and consequences.

Signatures of the Code of Conduct are required for participation in extra-curricular activities and athletics. The signing of the Code of Conduct will remain in effect for one full calendar year.