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The vision of the W.T. Griggs Mallard Media Center is to be a library brimming with curiosity, excitement, collaboration, critical inquiry, and transliteracy*.


To provide innovative instruction, programming, support, and resources that help develop forward-thinking students that create content for the global community in support of all district learning goals and initiatives.


  • Locating, organizing, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, and ethically using information is a critical component of being a responsible digital citizen.

  • Reading is a window that explores the world and makes it accessible to all in a variety of formats for learning and self-directed exploration.

  • Creating information and story is just as important as consuming information and story.

  • Access to information and story across multiple platforms in individually appropriate resources is essential to learning.

  • Collaboration is imperative in teaching and learning to explore an urgent question or create a meaningful project.

  • Technology is a tool as well as the doorway to accessing a global community.

  • Persisting through challenges strengthens understanding and confidence, while fostering growth.

  • Reflection, self-assessment, and peer review promote excellence.

  • Flexibility is essential in learning opportunities as well as physical space.

*Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms and media. It is a 21st Century skill that combines all the traditional literacies and the online world. It is a necessary skill for our students as our world becomes more electronically and globally connected.