How to Apply

*** The CS@CSS events for 2018 have ended. If you have questions about future training opportunities please contact the program's facilitator as listed on our Contact Us page. ***

Summer 2018 Information

Instructions for Applying

1.) Review PD Provider Information | Select the PD that is the right fit for you. Learn more about each of the programs here: PD Providers.

2.) Gather Necessary Documents | Some programs will require you to submit paperwork with your application. Make sure you have this information completed and ready to upload before beginning the application.

  • Counselors for Computing - Counselors interested in applying for this opportunity will need to work with their principal/administrator to complete a Principal Approval Letter which will be uploaded when completing the application.

3.) Complete the Application | *** APPLICATION IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. *** Below we have embedded the PD application onto this page. The standalone version of this application can be found here: [LINK]. All applications are due no later than June 25, 2018.

4.) Apply for Funding | Visit the PD Providers page for more information and funding opportunities (if available)

Travel and Accommodations

Some programs may not cover the cost of food, lodging, or travel. Please check the PD provider page for details before applying.


  • February 26, 2018 -- Application Opens
  • March 5, 2018 - June 25, 2018 -- PD Providers review applications

** Applications will be reviewed on a bi-weekly basis. Each PD provider will contact applicants with more information about their status and whether or not they have been accepted. If you have questions or concerns regarding the status of your application, please contact the PD provider (more information: Contact Us). **