The California School for the Deaf, Fremont's CORE department (Curriculum, Outreach, Resources, and Education) is proud to present The CORE Learning Channel.

An online learning tool created entirely for California Deaf students of all ages, their families, and teachers, The CORE Learning Channel provides accessible resources and information while our students are learning at home. COVID-19 information, far-flung academic sites in ASL, powerful, visually-accessible sites worth investigating, games, workouts, storytelling, and resources across the curriculum-- they're all here, carefully curated in one easy place for you explore.

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What is CORE?

The Curriculum Outreach Resources Education (CORE) supports education and related services for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in California through the domains of early intervention, parent education, assistance to local education agencies, community education, and assessment services. CORE aligns with CDE’s position statement on access to language for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

There are five service domains:

  • Early Intervention

  • Assessment

  • Professional Development and Support

  • Local Education Agency and Community Education

  • Parent Education

For more information, contact CORE Supervisor, David Eberwein at

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