STEM Goals

At Gowan Science Academy, we are continuously looking for ways to improve instruction, engagement, and academic achievement. Through the implementation of school-wide goals focused on STEM integration and creating opportunities for our students to positively impact their community, our students are able to truly learn without limits inside and outside the classroom.

Goals Met

1. In the 2017-18 school year, all grade levels (K-6) increased the amount of time spent integrating STEM subjects. Each grade level plans a minimum of eight hours a week of STEM integration.

4th grade students are designing an automatic water system.

4th STEM Planning - Physical Science (Energy & Magnetism)

Example 4th grade quarterly unit plan

2. As a way to ensure sustainability, all grade levels completed unit plans and uploaded them to a shared folder. This also builds cohesiveness across grade levels.

3. Students completed community projects having a positive impact in the community. To learn more about our community projects, click here.

Student created video regarding 6th grade's community project.

Flyer created to advertise private screening of film, Food Evolution.

4. Complete at least one project that is impacted by an outside community member

Goals in Progress

  • Continue to increase the amount of time teachers are integrating STEM in all K-6 classrooms
  • Incorporate coding into lessons across grade levels
  • Revise and update quarterly STEM unit plans
  • Complete an annual community based project with an impact beyond the four walls of the classroom

Accomplishments and Accolades

Gowan Science Academy named 2017-19 Apple Distinguished School

Ms. Fulton named 2018 Arizona Technology Education Association Young Innovator Award

Jamie Haines, Principal named 2018 June S. Pallack Administrator of the Year.