About Goethe

Goethe is a strong neighborhood school with deep roots in Logan Square, a diverse community on Chicago’s northwest side. We serve approximately 800 children in grades PreK-8, including full-day kindergarten. In addition to vigorously working in the standard subject areas, students take classes in art, music, computers, library and physical education. The Goethe family extends far beyond the school walls; parents, neighbors, parks, artists, non-profits, and businesses contribute resources and inspiration that help our children thrive. ​

One of our core goals is to be a “bucket filling” school where all members of the community treat each other with kindness and respect. Both students and teachers perform best when they feel safe and cared about. We foster positive relationships by keeping classes as small as possible. This also helps us recruit and retain our talented staff. Goethe teachers love coming to work!

Our students consistently excel, as evidenced in part by standardized assessments and acceptances to selective enrollment high schools. However, such snapshots don’t provide a full picture of a child’s skills or a school’s character. We also look at classroom performance, special talents, involvement in extracurricular activities, and overall development in areas such as empathy, cooperation, tenacity, resilience, and reliability. Our focus on both academic and personal growth helps position Goethe graduates to succeed in higher education and pursue their dreams.

Our Mission

At Goethe, we are bucket fillers who aim high, persevere, and collaborate to attain our educational and life goals.

En Goethe, somos llena-corazones que perseveramos y colaboramos para lograr nuestros objetivos educativos y de la vida.

Our Vision

To create a humanitarian community that produces young adults who are curious about the world around them and are ready to solve problems, challenge ideas and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Para crear una comunidad humanitaria que produce los adultos jóvenes que sienten curiosidad por el mundo que les rodea y están listos para resolver problemas, desafiar las ideas y tener éxito en un mundo en cambio constante.