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Elementary School Spotlight

NY845 - Google Scratch - 1080p Web Master.mp4

SuperMe (feat. Chance the Rapper)

In partnership with SocialWorks, and the Office of Computer Science, Code with Google hosted a kick-off event for Computer Science Education Week at South Shore Cultural Center with over 300 CPS students and teachers.

At the event, Chance the Rapper announced (via video message) that a video game coded by CPS students will be the official video game for his song “I Love You So Much.”

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High School Spotlight

Two students posing for a picture at the data science bootcampStudents sitting at a table playing UnoStudents collaboratively debugging code at a computerTwo students building data visualizations on a computerA class full of students at their computers in the Data Science bootcamp lab.Students brainstorming project ideas on a whiteboard
Student Participants Brandon, Charles, Daniel, Dean, Edmond, Estrella, Jaelyn, John, John, Kelly, Marcus, Martin, Melissa, Victor, Victoria
BootCamp Leads Dr. Andrew Mauer-Oats, Dr. Raffaella Settimi-Woods, Ms. Jillian Stoller

Data Science Boot Camp

This summer, 15 students participated in a five day Data Science BootCamp sponsored by CPS, DePaul University, and University of Massachusetts - Boston, which featured guest speakers from Microsoft, Sprout Social, DePaul, Uptake, and Deloitte.

Led By Dr. Mauer-Oats from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, students explored Data Science concepts and learned how to answer questions with data. Through hands-on learning activities related to filtering, grouping, and summarizing data sets, they generated various visual representations of data to plot models and predict future outcomes.

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