Critique is the process of analyzing and assessing a work of art, interpreting its meaning and evaluating if it communicates effectively. In our class, we will use critique to look at one another's work and help one another further develop their work. This exercise helps us improve our communications skills and gives us insight in how to improve our artwork. This is a standard professional practice for artists, similar to a peer review.

Critiques are done mid-way through art projects and at the end of an art project.


I will be able to analyze and interpret works of conceptual art, my peers' art and my own artwork.


CS.VIS.8.1.1 - Use artistic terms when describing the intent & content of artwork.

CS.VIS.8.4.0 - Students analyze, assess, and derive meaning from works of art, including their own, according to the elements of art, the principles of design, and aesthetic qualities.

CS.VIS.8.4.0.DM - Derive Meaning

CS.VIS.8.4.1 - Define their own points of view and investigate the effects on their interpretation of art from cultures other than their own.

CS.VIS.8.4.2 - Develop a theory about the artist's intent in a series of works of art, using reasoned statements to support personal opinions.

CS.VIS.8.4.3 - Construct an interpretation of a work of art based on the form and content of the work.

CS.VIS.8.4.0.MIJ - Make Informed Judgments

CS.VIS.8.4.4 - Develop and apply a set of criteria as individuals or in groups to assess and critique works of art.

CS.VIS.8.4.5 - Present a reasoned argument about the artistic value of a work of art and respond to the arguments put forward by others within a classroom setting.

CS.VIS.8.4.6 - Select a grouping of their own works of art that reflects growth over time and describe the progression.