Art21 is a PBS program about artists across the globe in the 21st Century. In our class, apply our knowledge of semiotics, elements of art and the principles of design to the artist's work that we are viewing that week. Each week when we view a new artist, we also make connections to what we covered that week in class.

This section of the class helps us to understand and read artwork and images that we encounter throughout the class and life. It also exposes students to different ways of thinking throughout the globe.


I will be able to analyze and interpret works of conceptual art.


CS.VIS.8.1.0.DPS - Develop Perceptual Skills and Visual Arts Vocabulary

CS.VIS.8.1.0.AAE - Analyze Art Elements and Principles of Design

CS.VIS.8.1.1 - Use artistic terms when describing the intent & content of artwork.

CS.VIS.8.3.0.DVA - Diversity of the Visual Arts

CS.VIS.8.3.1 - Examine and describe or report on the role of a work of art created to make a social comment or protest social conditions.

CS.VIS.8.3.2 - Compare, contrast, and analyze styles of art from a variety of times and places in Western and non-Western cultures.

CS.VIS.8.3.3 - Identify major works of art created by women and describe the impact of those works on society at that time.

CS.VIS.8.3.4 - Discuss the contributions of various immigrant cultures on the art of a particular society.

CS.VIS.8.4.1 - Define their own points of view and investigate the effects on their interpretation of art from cultures other than their own.

CS.VIS.8.4.2 - Develop a theory about the artist's intent in a series of works of art, using reasoned statements to support personal opinions.

CS.VIS.8.4.3 - Construct an interpretation of a work of art based on the form and content of the work.

CS.VIS.8.5.0.VL - Visual Literacy

Marela Zacarias

Arturo Herrera

Minerva Cuevas

Doris Salcedo